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Picture break for Class/IRC stuff? XD

Uuuuu, registered for classes today. The ASIAN 380 classes I wanted to take are already full!!! =x I kind of expected it, but I had more hope than THAT.. oh well, that's low freshmen priority. The appointments were going from Nov 17-Dec 9, and today being Dec 6... yeah. If justice serves, I won't ever get a class registration date that late ever again at umich. I had to make some last minute back-up classes... and since most of the other classes I wanted to take aren't even OFFERED this semester, I had to think a bit. Then I remembered that I wanted to take a linguistics class sometime, so I figured now was as good time as ever. A classmate in my Japanese class suggested Ling 212, but I needed a 4-credit course to keep the "full-time" student status... so I'm taking LING272 - Language in Society. The course description only says: "An introduction to the systematic study of language and of the place of language in society. Origins of language in the species, child language, language and thought, meaning and language and social class."

At least Japanese and Creative Writing remained pretty flexible. So those are my classes, just three this time. XD; But I'm going to do something productive during the... hopefully... extra free time I have.
I'm going to be surrounded by words all next semester~ weee words~

Eto... my English paper grades this semester.. B- 80%, B 83%, and B 85%. Kee steady increase. Wow... looking back on it, I'm not as much of a failure as I thought. Awesome considering the rest of the class grades x.x; *watches her last paper get a C- grade or something worse* Eh... I'm so scared to present my rough draft to the teacher in private in his office tomorrow... We've never spoken 1-on-1 for a decent amount of time and he's kind of intimidating.. XD;;

*edit* English teacher really complimented me on my writing prose as he was reading my (reallllly short) rough draft... I was pretty speechless when he said it. =o; He said he enjoyed my writing style and it made him feel "comfortable." He has pulled my marks down in previous papers for my oftentimes awkward word choices, so I didn't expect that he had such opinions on my writing in general. I haven't had an English teacher COMPLIMENT me since middle school, now that I think about it. Mrs. Pederson for the last semester of my senior year might have... but not distinctly enough for me to remember. Yeah. How sad. Guu... ^^;

*random disturbing noise* dsfjdfksdfjdk I can't wait for summer.. XD; Serg~~
Gundam SEED Destiny 8... KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SEXY AND CUTE. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa. I absolutely want to screencap it up, but it's rather spoiler~ yum spoiler.. oh yum...!!!! XD;

*edit* I sort of find it amusing that a flier going around the uni advertising a meeting says "Why do all the whites sit together in the cafeteria?" instead of... .... heh. Wee America.

%wb_message1 [Katsumi-chan> KouKou! KouKou Bean!!! KOUKOU BEANIE WEENI-*shot*
%wb_message10 * Mek reminds Xeno of those weiss kreuz doujins she sent him a while back, regardless of his willingness to have them. [Xenomorph> OH MY FUCKING GOD * Xenomorph runs to a corner and starts crying
%wb_message100 [Tchaohanjie> best...what's blah.avi? [Deacon_Blues> don't open that! [Splash> is it porn 8O [Bestvgm> It's barney porn!
%wb_message101 [KaiserDragon> so what DOES mcw stand for [mcw> cw are my initials and I forgot what m was for [mcw> it's not mad cow wang
%wb_message102 * KaiserDragon waits patintly * KaiserDragon cant spell patintly
%wb_message103 [phage80> PPL NEED TO CALM THE F456 DOWN [Deacon_Blues> Why was 6 afraid of seven? [Deacon_Blues> cause 7 8 9! [Deacon_Blues> ahahah * Deacon_Blues facefaults
%wb_message104 [Yzak> OmGilly. =D
%wb_message105 [Gemmaknight22> well, i get bullied...but i have my philosophy of "you hit me, i'll hit you" [Tchaohanjie> most of the schools in my city were more like "you hit me, i shoot you"
%wb_message106 [yoshimi> a very merry unbirthday?
%wb_message107 [phage80> yes long ago [phage80> like back pre uke [Tchaohanjie> pre uke - re = puke * phage80 smack tchao with a shovel
%wb_message108 [desolo> 'fondle' and 'how does it end' are right enxt to each other [desolo> so it was a typo like 'b' and 'v' [pokegirl> LOL [desolo> IT'S A COMMON TYPO
%wb_message109 [Lunamaria> Let's make [Lunamaria> Uke-Con [Lunamaria> XD [Auel> Uke-Con 2004 @ McDonalds Convention Center and Playland
%wb_message11 [Seymour_Guado> I like MIDGET PORN[Seymour_Guado> ITS HILARIOUS
%wb_message110 * kitten (~culumon7@adsl-70-240-244-157.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) Quit (Ping timeout) * MegaByte picks up kitten's pinged body
%wb_message111 [Yami> im only 3 and i do pretty good right? [Zanadu> if you were 3 and talkin here, then when you are 20 you will be giving me money [Zanadu> lots of it
%wb_message112 [dythim> oh ManthonyChopkins [dythim> did you like your BJ? [bobfish13> wtf [RoboBlue> >.> [dythim> i sent him Black Jack ep 1
%wb_message113 * Rabbit pokes dythim [Rabbit> BIATCH [Rabbit> BAM! [Splash> O_o; such violence [dythim> i detest violence [dythim> thats why i'm about to kick Rabbit's ass T_T
%wb_message114 [haruko_The_Neko> liek What The Fuck mate?!
%wb_message115 [Pazuzu> Bah, people aren't as easily tricked by subliminal advertising as they were 50 years ago. >>;
%wb_message116 [Shining_Celebi> Accusing people of being damn dirty sinners for shaving is always fun. * Shining_Celebi sins every other day with his mach 3.
%wb_message117 [ChibiBoi> translators are SOOO hard to find [ChibiBoi> how did you guys find translators? [JKaizer> google [ChibiBoi> how'd you find translators on google?
%wb_message118 [Deacon_Blues> I have a SNOT load of Gundam content that can be used [Auel> I just have snot [Deacon_Blues> lol [Deacon_Blues> we knew that
%wb_message119 [moji> what are you doing right now? [Tchaohanjie> working on a model [moji> model of me? [Tchaohanjie> um no...i'm making a gun so i can shoot you
%wb_message12 [Tchaohanjie> and i'm a carbon based organism XD [KFC> I thought you said orgasm for a second.
%wb_message120 [moji> :O [moji> d:) [moji> 9.9 [Tchaohanjie> that's your iq [Splash> XD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
%wb_message121 o.o o.O O.o O.O o_o o_O O_o O_O o.- -.o -.- -_o o_- -_- =.o o.= =.= =_o o_= =_= =.- -.= =_- -_= x.x x.X X.x X.X X_x x_x x_X X_X @.@ @_@ ;_; :-: ^_^ ^-^ ^.^ >.> <.< v.V V.V V.v T_T T.T <.> >.<
%wb_message122 [Kouichi> wtf DESTINY TOWELS * Chinmoku_no_BlueWolf has joined #WtW [Sola> I COULD RUB SHINN ON MY CROTCH [Kouichi> YEAH [Chinmoku_no_BlueWolf> Ugh..
%wb_message123 [Kouichi> wtf DESTINY TOWELS * Chinmoku_no_BlueWolf has joined #WtW [Sola> I COULD RUB SHINN ON MY CROTCH [Kouichi> YEAH [Chinmoku_no_BlueWolf> Ugh..
%wb_message124 [Splash> phage say "Auel-chan" for me XD [Sting_Oakley> AUEL-Chan
%wb_message13 [Phantom000> some1 jack me out
%wb_message14 [Mz_NeTwOrX> daddy.[Shining_Celebi> mz!![Mz_NeTwOrX> :p
%wb_message15 [Takuya> Anyone here? [Sakuyamon> no [Splash> =P
%wb_message16 [Kouichi341> you gotta lay off the junk food. AKA me.
%wb_message17 [Katherine> SUKARU! (Pretend there are lots of !!!s)
%wb_message18 * YaMaTo-KuN (WinNT@ Quit (Quit: Life's a dick. When it gets hard, fuck it.)
%wb_message19 [Splash> holy craziness no one's leeching from me [VetTheDestroyer> !list Splash
%wb_message2 [kitten> ive listened to everything on the first dick :) [kitten> *disc
%wb_message20 * Peacemkr2 turns taichi on * Taichi purrs
%wb_message21 [MegaxQ> o__O how does one do a yaoi dance? [Splash> take two guys and grind 'em together [MegaxQ> *gives Splash a blender*[MegaxQ> Go Splash GO!
%wb_message22 * Lopmon goes to get her kitten [Shining_Celebi> LOOK! Official Lopmon x kitten evidence!
%wb_message23 [Ruki> WHGJS XD [trods_wife> ok i think he is finally coming
%wb_message24 * Kouji_Minamoto puts splash to sleep and she dreams shes being raped by a yaoi yummy
%wb_message25 [MZx> Kouji_Minamoto-san-chan-sensei-han-sama-kun-oniisan-ojiisan-(all-the-other-san)
%wb_message26 [Splash> OH GOD NARUTO HAS BOD [digimasterX> [digimasterX> that rhymes... :P [Splash> GOD BOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
%wb_message27 [Telly|Ghost> 1list [Telly|Ghost> !list [Waya> oh yeah? well [Waya> 2list [Splash> 69list [Splash> oh man
%wb_message28 [Telly|Ghost> 1list [Telly|Ghost> !list [Waya> oh yeah? well [Waya> 2list [Splash> 69list [Splash> oh man
%wb_message29 [Taichi> i'm used to having no friends * Splash is now known as Yamato [Yamato>you have friends now XD * Yamato cuddles Taichi [Taichi> OH GOD
%wb_message3 [Sukaru_Kiddo> Splash, when will be a good time to do it? * Splash is now known as terracannon876[terracannon876> =P
%wb_message30 [Koromai> tchao and.. other seed are being raped [Tchaohanjie> the degree to rapage is beyond description [Splash> more like gang bang
%wb_message31 [Animonger> No point graduating a year early XD [Animonger> I'll just sit at home for a year at the comp and gain 400 pounds, not cool xD [Zimmy> i'll probably sit home a year..and gain Tons of anime..
%wb_message32 [Animonger> No point graduating a year early XD [Animonger> I'll just sit at home for a year at the comp and gain 400 pounds, not cool xD
%wb_message33 [Animonger> No point graduating a year early XD [Animonger> I'll just sit at home for a year at the comp and gain 400 pounds, not cool xD [Vincent-MX> i'll probably sit home a year..and gain Tons of anime..
%wb_message34 [Splash> Serg brand chocolate [Splash> pbbb [Serg> XD [Serg> I melt in your mouth /gg
%wb_message35 [TakeruTakaishi> wtfomfgrotflmao
%wb_message36 [jd> .[jd> .[jd> . [CrashdeBingo> *eats dots* [Splash> PACMAN O_O
%wb_message37 [Splash> c4 plants only open their stomata at night! [Waya> well, i'm a c4 plant, but i open other things at night [Waya> XDDD
%wb_message38 [Ruki> shup I cant speel [Ruki> spell*
%wb_message39 [Katsumi-chan> *jumps on all the males* XD [Yamato> *same* [Splash> *_* YAOI
%wb_message4 * Splash gives you a lifetime supply of chocolate [Junpei-san> i already have a lifetime supply of chocolate, do you not watch season 4?
%wb_message40 * yaoi_girl attacks her kitty [yaoi_girl> eeeee!!! declawed kitty hugs!
%wb_message41 * b00mb0xtfc stinks at spelnge [Thundercloud> My speeling is bard, and my grammatical is not improvement
%wb_message42 * Vitros is now known as Rukis_mah_biotch * Rukis_mah_biotch is now known as humps_splash * Splash is now known as humps_ruki * humps_splash is now known as humps_splash_whos_humping_ruki
%wb_message43 [Danidotexe> ALL YOUR BASS ARE BELONG TO US !!
%wb_message44 [Ruki> naked [Splash> errrrrrrr >_> children * Splash scratches head* [Ruki> naked *censor* children? * Omegamon (WinNT@73.114.dialup.restel.net) Quit (Client closed connection)
%wb_message45 [Shukaku> * Shukaku makes a baby with ...Mek [Splash> eww overpopulation
%wb_message46 * Uchiha_Sasuke is a very sexy boy [dwarfy> yeah, u told me a few times [dwarfy> sean isnt though [dwarfy> =P
%wb_message47 [dwarfy> oooivey [dwarfy> splash got sean horny [Suzaku> Dwarf: doesn't take much to get Sean horny. [Suzaku> it only takes like... 50 pixels of Rikku to do it
%wb_message48 [Leaf-Nin_Haruko> LET ME HEAR YAH SCREAmm [Splash> pikachu fondling ash's mom~[Leaf-Nin_Haruko> oooooh yeah!
%wb_message49 [Kyo-Kun> HOLD ON A MINUTE! [Kyo-Kun> nobody ...came [Kyo-Kun> except taichi [Kyo-Kun> wait.. [Kyo-Kun> [.[
%wb_message5 [NightmareJuri> Wonderkid never talk- [wonderkid> hi [NightmareJuri> Never mind. :p
%wb_message50 * Uzumaki_Naruto (~A-Dub...) has left #wtw [Sabaku_no_Gaara> YAY [Sabaku_no_Gaara> I mean [Sabaku_no_Gaara> ...YAY
%wb_message51 [Ultimate_Zero|Sleeping> Sleep time is over. [Ultimate_Zero|Sleeping> Awake time is now. * Ultimate_Zero|Sleeping is now known as Ultimate_Zero
%wb_message52 [FireG> say the three greatest wordz in the english language [Sg-Fg-Sg1> three greatest wordz in the english language [Sg-Fg-Sg1> :P
%wb_message53 [beowolfmon> then go on ebay [Lord_of_Nightmares> Ebay sells Britney Spears farts in tuberware, you think we believe that? XD
%wb_message54 [Serv-o-Matic> I wish I knew someone from Japan [Serv-o-Matic> to buy me a toy [Lord_of_Nightmares> Hello Kitty back massager? XD
%wb_message55 * Takato violates Delta_Wing yaoily a bit with a very large trout
%wb_message56 * biggles wiggles [MegaxQ> LMAO! [MegaxQ> Biggles [MegaxQ> Wiggles [MegaxQ> Giggles [biggles> jiggles?
%wb_message57 * everfree emerges from his cocoon and becomes a beautiful butterfly * everfree is now known as Butterfree
%wb_message58 [Jdragon> Now I get why almost nobody likes Paine in FFX-II. Without her it'd be Yuri instead of Yuripa. ;)
%wb_message59 [Splash> Ahh!!! Greatly Unecessary definement of clit-line!!!! [BIZARRO_Sabaku_no_Gaara> SOMEONE MENTION *CLIT*?! * BIZARRO_Sabaku_no_Gaara is now highly aroused
%wb_message6 [terracannon876> splash splashes on the ground in a splash =P
%wb_message60 * Splash shot * Serg res [Hork|Ouroboros> Res? [Serg> urrect [Hork|Ouroboros> =O [Splash> urrect. XD
%wb_message61 [Nick3> turtleizzy.... [Roger-Vic> I think turtle's asleep in his shell
%wb_message62 * suzu >> doesnt have any hobbies (except for sleeping and eating) [suzu> anime!! [suzu> its a hobby! [suzu> yea! i have a hobby! XD
%wb_message63 [suzu> i was mewanttakuya..and celebi (and others too) called me mew [Splash> mew. ant. takuya XD [suzu> no! me want takuya!
%wb_message64 * You were kicked from #WtW by Katherine (. )( .) [Chibi_Garm> O.O [Chibi_Garm> BOOBS
%wb_message65 [mlg604> im never stupid [mlg604> @find pokemon
%wb_message66 [Nyro> I want Uchiha Sasuke's children *_* And if I can't have that, then I want Uzumaki Naruto's children, XD
%wb_message67 [Charmed_Aingeal> hi Kitten!!! [Charmed_Aingeal> who's erect?
%wb_message68 [Katsumi-chan> YOU'RE BOTH A WHORE TWO YEARS OLDER THEN ME ^^ [Katsumi-chan> DAMN! I MEAN WHOLE >>;
%wb_message69 [Splash> Gemma *wishwash* [Roger-Vic> Gemma*splashsplush* [Serg> WHITE WASH GEMMA * Gemmaknight22 is clean from the wishwash, splashsplush, and white wash
%wb_message7 * Shining_Celyuri has sex with Takuya. * Shining_Celyuri wins.
%wb_message70 [Petshop_Mistress> OHOHOHOHOOO!!!! *bounce*
%wb_message71 [Koroth> I don't have good graves, ^____^ [Koroth> grades*
%wb_message72 [ZeoH> my soup is gone ;_; [Splash> sucks to be your soup
%wb_message73 botany, or as i like to call it: plantology :P
%wb_message74 [Splash> OMG HOWARD CROSSDRESSING [Tchaohanjie> so that's what i've been missing
%wb_message75 [metablade> hey! this connection is a piece of shit! [metablade> And I didn't go to school splashy
%wb_message76 * Mek reminds Xeno of those weiss kreuz doujins she sent him a while back, regardless of his willingness to have them. [Xenomorph> OH MY FUCKING GOD * Xenomorph runs to a corner and starts crying
%wb_message77 [jpwong> at least when your teachers write the textbooks, they tend to not cost as much
%wb_message78 [kupocrazy2> lets use the hello kitty stapler and reattatch terras balls
%wb_message79 [[YO]Tchaohanjie> everything in college is caffeinated
%wb_message8 [Kouichi_Kimura> its too bad, they dont offer insurane policies in the Sims. you get married, take one out, then off your wife and claim the moolah!
%wb_message80 [orangebear289> RUKI [orangebear289> I WILL SUPPORT YOUR GAY MARRIAGE IF YOUR WIFE IS HOT
%wb_message81 [Tchaohanjie> that was my annoying classmate [Tchaohanjie> no, we're playing quake 3 in my room [Suzaku> "playing quake 3" [Splash> O____________________O
%wb_message82 [Mugen> i'm trying to find this chick's sn [Mugen> or phone # [Mugen> but i wanted to date the girl's phone... [Splash> you wanna date a phone?
%wb_message83 [Leaf-Nin_Haruko> LET ME HEAR YAH SCREAmm [Splash> pikachu fondling ash's mom~[Leaf-Nin_Haruko> oooooh yeah!
%wb_message84 *snicker* >3~ Yes, it's what you think it is...
%wb_message85 [Tchaohanjie> only online can you get away with beating up your boss
%wb_message86 [Tchaohanjie> what do you get when 3.14159265x2.71828183? [Tchaohanjie> pie!!! :P
%wb_message87 [Hawk> how eats food?? [Hawk> i at food [Hawk> do u eat food
%wb_message88 [JKaizer> !upcoming [JKaizer> That was NOT a good typo x.x [JKaizer> [21:25] -Hikari-chan- destinky (Episode ?? - Ask Ben)
%wb_message89 [dwarfy> I've always wondered. why is tetsu69 called tetsu69? why can't it be like tetsu22? or some other number?
%wb_message9 [jd> i want your triggers [Splash> sorry, all my trigger are belong to me. =P
%wb_message90 [Oitto_Boobs> ::sexplodes, huge sunglasses all over the place::
%wb_message91 [Koromai> i just realized that you're not on a router anymore! [Koromai> YEAH! [Splash> I'm on uni firewalls now Xd; [Koromai> FUDGE
%wb_message92 [Deacon_Blues> haroharo subs are gonna shit their pants when they see how fast we are
%wb_message93 [dalsor> anyway, this is my first use of IRC, so treat me gently lol [miss_goldenweek> k-f is a pretty good place to lose your IRC virginity
%wb_message94 [Archange> yzak and sting new luv relation as dearka REJECTED goes to stellar [Zaku-II> then kira and athrun become gay lovers [Sola> Become? [Sola> Who says they weren't?
%wb_message95 [Tchao> somebody had a shirt that said "sex kills. live forever. come to cmu."
%wb_message96 [[YO]Tchaohanjie> shit happens. and we now have a reason to buy bandai merchandise.
%wb_message97 [phage80|D> ::kisses hubby:: [Rey_Za_Burrel> ::kisses back, yaoi fangirls go 'awww':: [phage80|D> ::giggles like a school girl::
%wb_message98 [Synsation> aw man... [Synsation> why did i get owned? [UberJumper> because [UberJumper> you touch yourself at night
%wb_message99 [orangebear289> cucumbers are yummmy
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