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Christmas spirit? =x

Kouji, Yamato and Sasuke... as they are

*edit* Serg showed me this.... AND IT PWNS LIKE MOM!!!!! If you like FMA, if you like Porno Graffitti, if you like Melissa, if you like the Nintendo DS... IF YOU LIKE MUSIC, CHECK IT OUT. XD; *double edit* 'twas posted at fm_alchemist XD;

I'm working on something... but it's a secret.. ^^;;;

Never too old? Takeuchi Junko lurve <3 I swear her Takuya role is the sexiest I've ever heard of her. The way she sings!!! The way she hits on speaks to Kouji! GET THE BIGGEST FIRE!!!! AND *BEEPBEEP*!!!! XD; Such a shame that the Digimon Adventure cast never got a Christmas CD. =x

A post of various Digimon Christmas songs (links down. Come again next Christmas ^^):
Digimon Adventure 02:
AiM - Tenshi ni Inori
Daisuke and Ken - Shopping Carol
Hikari and Miyako - Kiyoshi Kono Yoru (Silent Night)
Jogress Digimon - I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Takeru and Iori - Jingle Bell

Digimon Tamers:
Tamers - Santamon wo Sagase!!
Tamer Digimon - Digimon Christmas Medley
Wada Kouji - Utaou Bokura no Merry Christmas

Digimon Frontier:
Wada Kouji - Christmas Night
Chosen Children - More More Happy Christmas (MY FAVORITE 8O~~)

And non-Christmas, but my all-time favorite image song for... any anime~ XD~ YUM.~ In spessshial 320kbps!! 8D
Digimon Frontier: Kimura Kouichi (Suzumura Ken'ichi) - Oreta Tsubasa de ~With Broken Wings (link down)

One Piece Christmas songs yoinkable as well. X3 One awesome thing about Toei is their lurve for music~
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