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A strange looking Sanji, man of sharp angles~ XDGot three One Piece doujins in the mail today <3333333333 Made my week~ ANTI REGRET, GRAND SOUL, and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, all by Royal Garden~ Descriptions for all three at http://www.madkukkii.com/onep/roya/roya.html I was pretty surprised that the first two (Anti Regret/Grand Soul) had secks in them (although very clean and... .... *swoons*) since my first impression of Royal Garden from Follow Place was that it was all cuddly fluff, and the third (Much Ado About Nothing) didn't have any at all (but a very nice story. Nami in true personality pwnage, oh how so rare for the female <3)... but all is SO GOOOOOOOD. GAWD I love the art.~

Looks like One Piece Movie 6 has the same style as Digimon movie 1, 2 and 4. XD; Weee silly proportions!

I wonder if the people at umich would be to able to cap my ftp transfers... since they've managed to cap everything else that might involve connecting to peers outside the network. (including AIM and MSN... wtf?) I have a ton of stuff, but strict downloading limits... still, it's a lot of stuff, including 85+gigs of anime (aside from ALL of One Piece on there, which takes 50 gigs, everything is recent stuff and generally gets deleted once I burn them to DVD), 22 gigs music, tons of manga/doujinshi and music videos. ^^; It'll only be up when I'm around to monitor it, so even though I may be online doesn't mean my ftp will be on. But uh.. how many people still use FTP at all? Has it been completely pushed aside for bt and irc and other p2p programs Or are people just quiet about it because FTP is mostly about close-niche access and whatever sources one has... XD; Anyway, information for access is on many of the IRC chans I idle in.

Lol, I can also do gmail mp3 requests (less than 10mb)... XD; Listment: http://gottaito.fateback.com/Mp3list.htm

Thinking of a topic for my opinion-ed piece for AMCULT214, which must be on a current issue affecting Asian-Pacific Americans specifically. I'd really like to do something concerning the LGBT APAs even though some other people in my lecture are doing that too. ^^ At least this piece will be MUCH more interesting than my English paper... So far for the English paper, I can only think of ways to refute the need to analyze Frankenstein to the extent of calling women "monsters" because of their mere existence. x.x;;; the suffering...
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