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Happiness with a dazed look...Splashgottaito: o_o
Splashgottaito: I don't see =o
Tara: Well...Jakotsu: pretty, extremely sadistic, and says things like 'Inuyasha is adorable. I wonder what color his blood is' and when he's fighting Inu, he tells him to cry and beg and stuff that makes my inner fangirl giggle.
Splashgottaito: ooh I see now
Splashgottaito: lol
Splashgottaito: I have the first 7 eps at a cd back home, I just haven't taken the time to watch it
Splashgottaito: and with my connection here it's really hard for me to get the whole series without ftp access or something
Splashgottaito: ftp/http
Tara: Im a huge IY fan xD So i just go an buy the dvds
Tara: or watch it on TV
Splashgottaito: I don't have tv XD;
Tara: or something
Splashgottaito: hehe
Tara: ...what? o_o
Splashgottaito: I don't have tv
Tara: you dont have tv?!
Tara: ack!
Splashgottaito: nope
Tara: you poor soul!
Splashgottaito: *shrug*
Splashgottaito: only thing I need is the computer
Splashgottaito: watch dvds on the comp, download on the comp, watch news on the comp
Tara: My comp is a peice of crap, so thank Chester for my TV
Splashgottaito: you poor soul 8D
Splashgottaito: lol
Tara: aha XD My mom looked at me wierd when I ran into the living room yelling 'w00t! I might get to do the voice of InuYasha's only gay character! Fweeeee!
Splashgottaito: lol
Splashgottaito: I hope you get it
Splashgottaito: that'd be really neat
Tara: it would
Splashgottaito: so would this be a one time thing? or are you generally interested in voice acting?
Tara: I'd get to be all creepy and sadomasochistic and stuff
Tara: and I prolly spelled that wrong
Tara: oh well
Tara: Generally interested
Tara: Ive had a few very small parts in other anime dubs
Tara: I was actually was in the Digimon Frontier dub. I was around the recording studio and they were pulling people off the street to be VAs XD
Tara: lets see...
Splashgottaito: omg
Splashgottaito: off the street? x.x;
Splashgottaito: err lol
Tara: Yeah I know
Splashgottaito: that's .. pretty sad =o
Splashgottaito: but really cool you got that opportunity
Splashgottaito: need to be more better people like that for these dubs
Tara: They asked them if they were interested in voice acting, asked them to say something, and if they liked their voice they pulled em into the studio and payed em 10 dollars
Splashgottaito: O_O;
Splashgottaito: uhh XD;
Tara: like...hookers XD
Splashgottaito: yes
Splashgottaito: where in the Frontier dub?
Tara: Im proud to say i was in the dub for episode 32 ^__^
Tara: I said like two words though XD
Splashgottaito: XD
Splashgottaito: like, what character?
Tara: i dont know exactly who I did the voice for. They didnt tell me. I just read and theyre all 'thats great. you can go now' and Im just like. 'Erm...okay....'
Splashgottaito: o_o;
Splashgottaito: awww
Tara: theyre very unorganized
Splashgottaito: >>; you can tell when you see it..
Tara: which is probably why the dub is so bad
Splashgottaito: YES
Splashgottaito: haha
Tara: I havent seen the dub for that ep. yet XD
Splashgottaito: thanks for telling me... I always wondered why .. =x
Splashgottaito: lol
Splashgottaito: I always knew that just about any bad dub is bad because the voice actors have no relationship with each other x.x;;; aww
Tara: ^_^ I think I did the voice of some random person in one of Kouichi's flashbacks
Splashgottaito: butsdflndf
Splashgottaito: LOL
Splashgottaito: that would be sexy
Tara: Because they were watching it on a screen
Tara: XD
Tara: Oh, the normal VAs have relationships with eachother
Tara: like...the people who play the chosen children
Tara: I actually got to meet a very famous VA. Joshua Seth...he did Taichi's dub voice
Splashgottaito: sdmfljflkdjflkdsjf
Splashgottaito: sd;lkjslfkjddf
Splashgottaito: >>;;;; *spazz*
Tara: XDDDD He so awesome
Splashgottaito: !!!!!
Splashgottaito: guuu
Tara: He gave me a hug and signed my hat
Tara: but what made my inner fangirl go crazy was that I got to meet Micheal Reisz toooooo
Tara: Him and Joshua are like best friends XD
Tara: which made me laugh when he told me that
Tara: He just looked at me wierd like 'What? Did I say something funny?'
Splashgottaito: =oooo
Splashgottaito: maskdfkdfhskdjhfdskjhjdskhkjhadkjlhsakljhdghsghljdsdjg
Splashgottaito: err sorry xD;
Splashgottaito: TAITO
Tara: its okay
Tara: XD Exactly
Splashgottaito: *cough* TAITO *innocent look*
Tara: Joshua gave Micheal a hug too. I was just all '....-snorkt-....-cough-...'
Splashgottaito: OMG
Splashgottaito: ... that's too cuddly... I'd have a spazz attack
Tara: I tried not too
Tara: Lets see...who else did I meet
Tara: Oh yeah! I met Steven Blum. How could I forget about him xD
Splashgottaito: xDDDD
Splashgottaito: hot
Tara: Johnny Bosch was there too, but I didnt see him
Tara: I just hung around Joshua and Michael.
Tara: x3
Splashgottaito: *imagines*
Splashgottaito: |3~
Tara: Oh and I met Mr. Seth again when I did a voice in Wolf's Rain
Tara: and I got to meet Mona Marshall there
Splashgottaito: w00t! XD;
Splashgottaito: I still have to see WR dub... when are dvds coming out?
Tara: Two are already out
Splashgottaito: ok
Splashgottaito: I'll have to check Wizzywig sometime for them
Splashgottaito: Seth <333
Tara: Man, I love Joshua Seth. And his hair. He has the fluffiest hair ever.
Splashgottaito: hehe
Tara: I kept ruffling it.
Splashgottaito: eep $30 dvd
Splashgottaito: at least it's in stock
Splashgottaito: he let you? >D
Tara: Micheal was like 'Um...I'll leave you too alone.' And I just smiled and said 'I can leave you and Joshua alone if you want.' And they bothed stared at me and Josh goes 'Oooh...the whole Tai and Matt thing, huh?" Im just grinned
Tara: yep XD
Tara: I hung out at the studio all day
Splashgottaito: WTF
Splashgottaito: XDDD;
Tara: I had nothin better to do
Splashgottaito: Tai and Matt thing
Tara: I didnt want to correct him xD
Tara: The fact that he said it is good enough for me
Splashgottaito: =o what's your name anyway~ maybe I should check on the credits if you hit it big XD;
Splashgottaito: lol yeah, very good enough *_*;
Splashgottaito: that's really funny how they're aware
Tara: xDDD I doubt that'll happen, but my name is Tara
Tara: yeah I know
Tara: oh yeah...and did I mention Micheal is gay to begin with? x3
Splashgottaito: ...? he said that?
Tara: he told me and I nearly went into cardiac arrest
Tara: I swear I stopped breathing
Tara: He had to hit me on the back to see if I was okay xD
Splashgottaito: heheh
Splashgottaito: you're getting my Taito juices excited ... XD;;;;
Tara: yeah. x3 Meeting those two was fun.
Tara: Im actually wearing the hat they signed
Tara: its so pretty...
Splashgottaito: ooo =o
Splashgottaito: good memories <3
Tara: http://www.awn.com/mag/issue5.10/5.10images/seth01.gif

I love him hair ^-^ So fluffy
Tara: his*
Splashgottaito: lol XD
Tara: hehe...the 'tai and matt thing'....XD Okay Im gonna shut up now
Splashgottaito: /xddxpf
Splashgottaito: that cracks me up
Tara: same here
Tara: the funniest thing though was the way him and Michael looked at eachother after he said that
Splashgottaito: *snickers in contentment*
Tara: I cant even describe it
Splashgottaito: !!
Tara: but it was funny
Tara: XD
Splashgottaito: D;;
Splashgottaito: XD;;
Splashgottaito: mm Digimon love
Tara: yes -stares into space- Hah, that look....x3
Splashgottaito: yar |3~
Tara: http://www.loony-archivist.com/lowerdecks/images/michael.gif

Michael! He's like...one of those dorky cute people. Like Kenta...er..yeah
Splashgottaito: lol I remember that picture
Splashgottaito: I had a tiny obsession with him back in early digimon days
Tara: XD Same here

d0000d, that does it. Need to get WR dvds and Joshua Seth goodness .. xD;

Kind of amusing because I was heavily agreeing with Leanne about the poor quality of dubs earlier today.. =x although, none of the specifics we mentioned in our discussion involved these particularly yummy voice actors, so they're exceptions. <3

A lot of people at north campus have been complaining about the caps on the connection... it's gotten so bad that one can't send pics or have a voice conversation at a decent speed on aim/msn, and gamers lag like hell... of course, file transfers aren't any better. People on the resnet message board (accessible only to umich folks) have also taken notice that... yeah, DSL is better. Even aDSL. For me, even 56k is better sometimes.
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