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Kouichi and Kouji chillin'~ from my Japanese class notebookAnd thus starts the doodley picturama fest thing. XD; If you don't like these pics "cluttering" your friends page... you can... uh... stop being my friend. Q___Q;;;;;; *runs away and cries* I even shrunk this one down more than I usually do. But if you don't mind them (*glomples~*), you may view the rest of the doodles I scanned here before I post bits and pieces of 'em (scraps of the scraps!) ^^

Visiting home for Thanksgiving break. The whole house is crazy-remodeling. Just about all of the floors are wooded instead of carpet, which really intimidates me because part of the cause of my big thigh accident was the slippery new wooden floor. Plus, it hurts when I bump into it the wrong way (aka the stairs) and it's not comfortable to sit on. I don't think the cats will like snuggling on random spots on the floor any more than I do. =\

And I never thought I would be HAPPIER and LESS STRESSED with my DSL connection at home than at umich. Shows how much a radically increasing college tuition will get you nowadays.

Anyway, night when I came home, I took down all of the posters and my pretty glow-in-the-dark stickers that was a big hassle to clean up. But I can still remember that day in elementary school when I bought those cosmo stickers at the Chicago museum and had the time of my life thinking of how to display them on my wall above my bed. Back then, I thought the idea of putting some of the stickers on the ceiling was ingenious... stargazing in my room~ And on some nights, even many years after I put the stickers up, when I couldn't sleep... I would just stare at them, feeling a small happiness to lift my spirits. They're gone now... but the ones on the ceiling are still safe. =D The stars aren't directly above my bed anymore (moved the bed during a previous remodeling), but at least they're intact.

Guy / Matthew pairing in Fire Emblem ish sexy =x I am currently worshipping these fics by RianneHime.

Agehachou makes me freaking HAPPY. 8D Leanne likes it a lot. ....so... HERE IT IS! XD LEECH PLZ. And please tell me if you like!!! It will mean the world to me:
Porno Graffitti - Agehachou

My next/final English124 paper is on Frankenstein... and for goddam strange reason, I decided to do it on the incestual implications between Frankenstein and Elizabeth... WHY OH WHY I wish I knew why. Plus, my teacher for English has done a lot of papers on homoerotic/incestual implications in literature in general, so he'll probably be more critical of mine... and I have never done a paper on this kind of thing! Everyone in the class had to announce what their paper topic was and why they chose it, and he told me "yeah, go with the incest!" and I just wanted to like... curl up in a ball. I have no idea what I'm doing!!! At least with the previous paper (comparison), I had lots of previous experience with it... but this is something I've never really tried. How do I blab for 8 pages concerning incest between two specific characters in a "scholarly" way?!?!? Tasukete Q_Q;
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