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Playing Fire Emblem for GBA. I almost like it more than Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced just because it's loaded with bishies. XD; But FFTA has nice music and cute animals~ How about... They're both very good strategy RPG games =D

I knew the blond thief Matthew stirred a little nostalgia in my veins, but this.. this is too much:

*does not think random yaoi thoughts. does not think random game character pairing thoughts. does not think Digimon season crossover pairing thoughts. does not...*

*goes ballistic*

It's like... Zoro and Kouji meshed into one being!!! Kouji!!longhair(braids, but it still looks like a ponytailish thing..)! Kouji!!Sideburns!! Zoro!!Green! Zoro!!Swordsman! Both!!Bandana! The similarities are freaking uncanny! *falls over*

As I told Serg, I doodled a Kouji pic in Asian-Pacific American Studies today, but my lecture notes are all over it!!!!! More like the pic itself is over the notes, but.. XD; I'll post the original when I visit home this weekend, but maybe I should touch it up a bit sometime. I kind of had this old Kouji pic ( http://takouji.fateback.com/art/Kouji06.jpg ) in mind, so it can kind of be considered a remake. However, I was thinking more of green haired bish up there (his name is... Guy. rofl) and random Asian-ness. o_o; Something like that. I hope Serg enjoys watching Ragtime. x3
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