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Wow, first family-related mini-rant in a while.

Lol, my mom called asking me when my Thanksgiving break started, and I answered "I don't know." Thus, my mom spent 15 minutes lecturing me, saying that answering "I don't know" to something I honestly don't know is a bad habit even though I told her I had absolutely no qualms with checking if she asked (and I did check after she asked, it begins at exactly 5pm Wednesday the 24th). Then she went off something about "you should answer 'I'll check' and never say 'I don't know'" except she stretched that for 5 minutes in attempt to explain it. It took me about 30 seconds to find out the answer after she asked me to check (literally two clicks on the umich website).

Dude, wow. Not like Thanksgiving is on the top of my mind. In fact, on top of a big English paper, two exams, lots of Japanese, fucking internet struggles (eats resnet), keeping up with the news, going through my schedule every day, and planning my winter term, Thanksgiving break is a very low priority... stupid modern Asian stereotyping that we can handle a million things at once with ease and add then blow it off on vacation with ease as well. I was almost PURPOSELY not checking for the break time because I didn't want the date to hang over my head in the next weeks and make me anxious. I guess I got reprimanded for being too over-studious. Then again, it's not the first time that's happened... *cough high school*

Looks like umich will have neither "Physics of Music" nor "Modern Japanese Music" next semester because I don't see them on the course listing for Winter 2005 (Hell, even "Anime" isn't offered and that's generally a really popular class)... such a shame. My backup right now is my Advanced English requirement (DEFINITELY creative writing. No more shitty comparison papers.), and something in ASIAN 380, be it "20th-Century Chinese Popular Culture: Literature, Music, and Film" or "Asians in American Films." I would prefer to do the former, but it would mean that I would have to switch sections in my Japanese class. I'm really fond of the people in there right now, though. Damn, it really sucks that the Asian culture topic things change every semester. If I pass up the Chinese pop culture, I don't know if I'll ever get another chance to take it.... let alone Modern Japanese Music or Physics of Music, which I was REALLY looking forward to...

Happy birthday, Zoro! =3
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