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The fansubbing biz...

Aw, Uke/YO's (Uke-fansubs/YoumaOtakus) Gundam SEED Destiny project was cancelled. Since I don't feel like being a secretive bigot, I shall (in Quigi's words) tell you a story~

The two translators for GSD (including myself) gravely overestimated their translating abilities for Gundam SEED Destiny (and it is TOUGH SHIT for people who aren't professionals.). One of the translators (me) stepped down to Editor status because of such difficulty and lack of time because of classes. Initially, the project was put onto hiatus until the subbing groups found better translators in addition to the current staff. Then, earlier today, one of the uke-staff got in touch with the fansubbing group SD (SD-Project) in hopes of getting a translator in return for the joint. Instead, SD tried to reorganize the entire project staff, removing many people who were previously recruited from the picture completely, including the entirety of YoumaOtaku's staff. In addition, "higher-up" staff members in SD stated very clearly that they did not wish for the "YoumaOtakus" name to tarnish their fansubs. When asked why the name "YoumaOtakus" would give put pressure on their reputation... there was no answer (YO suspects something along the lines of them subbing Digimon Tamers, but they have no confirmation). Fortunately, Uke had the sense not to comply with such tyranny, so they called off the joint. In light of the events, Uke then decided that the project was bringing too much against their friendships, so they decided to move on and seek less pressuring projects. In which case, YoumaOtakus is also seeking more projects.

This is also summed up here.

Really, for the whole project, I thought it'd be a really neat experience. Not for the glory in the fansubbing community (that stuff's interesting and all, but there's so much competition for GSD that it's hard to get the real glory anyway. I know it's out of reach. Most people are downloading SEED, AonE/AKing or AKeep anyway, and we're well aware of that XD), but to look back on it and think "this is a result of lots of people cooperating and having a good time while sharing it with others." It's basic, primal, simple... but perhaps this is all we need.

ToT; Such a cool staff and not enough resources~ I really admire the fansubbing groups that produce fine quality machines like a machine, but looking back at it all, it seems like a giant shark-pool. Get too deep in it and it'll bite a leg. It's okay to just look back and watch the sharks, though. Fascinating, depending on one's tastes.

Naw, we're like a small business. The locals stick around and we have a jolly good time, occasionally the tourist stops by and we give them hospitality. Then the tourist leaves and we're left with only the locals. But we would definitely like to see more locals ^^

Kaizoku-fansubs is a lot like that, too... it just has lots MORE tourists. Yet, it still maintains the same setting as this small business. They treat the tourists with hospitality. Locals bring up interesting subjects, sometimes even the tourists join. Some tourists decide to stay. IT IS POSSIBLE.

Then there are channels like AonE where about every ten minutes, someone insults Naruto or says something along the lines of "Bush is t3h win!" and user join/parts become more intelligible than the comments. I love the stuff AonE produces, generally. I can't stand staying in their chan, tho. They're just machines to me.

Fansubbing... yes, I would definitely like to go to a panel discussion on this topic if they have one at Otakon next summer.

And it's now very late at night. But I had a nap earlier. And this ramen I'm eating tastes so goooooooood Q_Q

From Tchao. XD; http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bush&r=f
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