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I have ideas of what I want to sign up for winter semester... all fun classes to make up for mendoukuse English and Math this entering semester... A friend in Japanese class said there was a class for Japanese music o_o; That would be marvelous... Other than that, I definitely want to try Physics of Music. A surprising amount of people are interested in that =3

Thefacebook is a bit addicting~ (need to log-in to view)~ Too bad only *cough* certain colleges have it. XD; Join my Anime club! I love randomly clicking interests to see who's interested in what... It's really scary how connected we are on friends list despite having such a GIGANTIC campus.

Desperately waiting for One Piece 207.. new opening?!? *random spasm* they pwn medfdfdfdfdfd yar

dude, I've lost it~ Sitting around in my underwear in my room going "Een! Een!" in a really strange high-pitched voice. XD;; It's really creepy-sounding. I love my privacy =x

*eats Rizon a bit more.. darn dns or whatever problems*
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