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Yay, back on track. ^^;

Been watching Gash Bell. More electric Otani Ikue. x3~

Next up from YeyRAWs...
From Studio Deen (Loki Ragnarok, Gravitation, King of Bandits Jing, Kyou Kara Maou) comes.. Tactics!

It's like... Loki with Jing quality visuals! <3 (though more Japanese-centric, obviously XD) Not to say Loki had bad visuals, but it doesn't try to smack you in the face as much as Jing or this Tactics does.

Kantaro voiced by Miyata Koki

Shunka voiced by Sakurai Takahiro (Yuuri from Kyou Kara Maou...in his gung-ho Maou-ish voice XD)


*edit* from Mujin Wakusei Survive episode 49 preview:

I REALLLLLLLY need more of these kind of selfish subtleties in my Anime. x3

Drrrr... my next English paper... the requirements.... *shares*

Your essay is to be 5-6 pages in length
Here, you are required to write a paper that is "academic" in design, so we will turn our attentions in class to finding out exactly what this means. This doesn't mean that you should completely put aside those things that you've discovered about voice and engagement, as they still have a place in your writing, but now the ideas of "thesis" and "argument organization" will be our primary focus as you write this paper. These two elements will make-up a large part of what will be looked for and evaluated in your writing over the next four years.

Topic: Metaphors of the Everyday
This option asks you to develop a reading of a "conceptual structure of perception" as described in the texts that we have read on metaphor, and to make a claim about the cultural attitudes reflected in that perception. " Argument as War" is one of the several examples given of this type of fixed-form expression in the text. First, your job is to find a concept structure that is used in everyday expression different than those listed in the reading. For example, think about the metaphors that characterize a visit to the doctor, or, perhaps, when one has surgery. Once you have found your metaphor structure, you will need to develop then a claim about its cultural significance. A good essay, along with making its claim, will consider a number of possibilities in the use of the fix-formed expression as well as touch upon the significance of any "unused" part of the structural metaphor. For a better understanding of what is meant by "unused" in this context, see "The Partial Nature of Metaphorical Structuring" from our readings in class.

My concept structure: The mind is atmosphere
Ex: I can't think clearly. My mind is all cloudy.

Yeah... this paper... ._. *blinks some*
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