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College is busy busy. Work is evil. But somehow, I feel more willing to balance real life with Anime life... in some respects. I'll always be a crazy fangirl.


Bandwidth test~ This is a subtitled PV (Promotional Video) subtitled by YoumaOtakus: Jiyu e no Shotai. This one is my personal favorite of the music videos YO has done, and it's also conveniently the one with the smallest file size. Unfortunately, the small file size also means that the encoding is not the highest quality. But 40mb for a 4-minute song isn't horrid, ne? Goes right along with the 230mb subs. Please download! YO wants your support!! XD; Homepage: http://www.yotakus.tk/

AK-FG's new single is awesome. Liked it since I saw the PV a couple weeks ago~ Who doesn't like syncronized swimming and giant lobsters?!?! And their new recording of Hold Me Tight has lots of improvement, of course. <333

*double edit* wee for editing habit.~ Filling up my storage space and trying to make some use of this account. L'Arc~en~Ciel's Driver's High if you need. =3

I've been watching a lot of One Piece fansubs lately, just in nick of time for the dubs to start airing on.. *shudder* Foxbox. I didn't actually plan it to start watching it right before the airing, but it's not the first time I've conveniently started a series during some big developments. Well... it doesn't necessarily have to be a positive development x.x; But uh... support, support!!! If there were batch torrents for raws after 120, I'd watch them too. XD;

--I think my favorite character is Zoro. Too good to be true... but that's the point, ne~ Luffy pwns too. He makes me love food all over again. XD; SWEET JUSTICE! And I like Sanji more than Gravi's Yuki. He's just more sensible... ._.;;;;;;

I'm loving this connection. Getting a nice 1mb/s download on the One Piece batch torrents right now. XD Retorrenting since deleting them after watching them was a baaaaad idea... So far, my upload has gone up to 600kb/s. It's nice. Wee U of mich's Internet2 connection~ ^-^;

Waya and Isumi
So who needs to speak out loud to talk? You can
probably communicate just fine without making a
sound or even moving your lips. Sharing a
meaningful look and finishing each other's
thoughts works just as well, right?

Which Personal Quirk from Hikaru no Go do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

yay, my natural result... ^-^;
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