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It never rests <3

Before I forget.... Chapter 16 of Where Fate Turns.

Naruto's starting some fillers from 101... might be the filler arc they were planning. It doesn't really kill me since I've been expecting it for months and the manga does enough justice for me. Sucks that they're stalling the b!tch-Sasuke era, though. Wonder how they'll handle it. Effort must be taken to consideration. As long as it doesn't wither into the unknown... I'm too much in love with animation. XD;

*edit* Got this lovely wallscroll, hanging in my room and acting pretty right now: http://store.yahoo.com/animedvd/p-70.html

Oh yeah, I yanked a ton of Naruto colorbars from cchan1224, which are spammed in the profile page. Pretty as wallscrolls. <3

Samurai 7 is t3h yum. Arigatou cchan1224 for the kick-inspiration~ I've been meaning to check it out, but I hadn't gotten any clear recommendations for it so I was hesitating. It was worth getting off my static butt to see this.

Etou... Survive... I couldn't stand the suspence from 43 (We Suck released 44 a short while ago), so I got the raws for up to 46 (after getting banned from l33t-raws AGAIN for serving their Survive raws..? they said I had a fake fserve, wtf? oh well, not like anything effective happens in that chan anyway) from bt and eh... XD Whoa. I wonder what the hell is going on~ (Howard love ~) I can't wait to find out, and my fangirl squealies are still going. It really doesn't feel like a 52 ep series, but I don't have a confirmed number. Ehh.. I don't want to spoil anything, so GO WATCH IT DAMN!

Mom's visiting tomorrow to drop off some stuff I didn't think about and need (like... laundry detergent...need to get used to washing my own clothes still, heheh ._.)

Hey, guess what Shining_Celebi noticed in the Naruto Movie Special I sent in his attempt to get my record cps? Well, this is from the Naruto short, actually:

I love subtle fanservice. <33333333333333

*edit* someone on irc noted that it was discovered at chuunin already. Oh well, it's still amusing. *stares*
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