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I... got my driver's license at long last! My hands hurt. But that doesn't mean I'll be willing to drive around. xD I still hate driving. I hate it almost as much as I hate babies. Or maybe I hate it more. I can't really tell. Yes, hate! Abhor, detest, loathe...! I'm not afraid to say that I hate the two because it's very true... if that makes any sense. Anyway, I just need it for i.d. and such... which I'm not even sure about because my Umich card has my photo anyway.

I go back to umich on the weekend, and perhaps my roommate will be there. There's still a fragment of my mind praying that she won't be there, but then I feel sorry because I have a feeling she'll be a nice,cute person and I don't want to think badly of her. ^^;

random l'arc chibi keychains meta showed me: http://www.iris.dti.ne.jp/~minzu/larc.jpg
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