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[crack] Mewthree nostalgia

Because I can... sample a L'arc~en~Ciel song! One of my favorites... hail the falsetto. Dive To Blue

Got my meningitis vaccine today. It only took a few seconds... it surprised me.

I'm really glad I saved that spot in my closet for "time-capsule," things... it has a bunch of my old stories and comics, original and fan.. XD; Too bad I can't find the stuff I did in elementary school. That was........... crazy shit.

XD 3:30am and I'm up reading Pokemon fics. I'm a loser~ Specifically, reading over my old Mewthree fic.

Quotes because they're as classic as ghetto manga Davis, almost. In other words... what the fuck?

Chapter 3:
" Rumor has it that the captain's sick," replied the sailor, " They slowed down to let the crew steer. They're slow, aren't they? They're slow, slow, slow! Just like my Slowpoke!" The sailor took out a Pokéball, threw it onto the floor of the deck, and the ball rolled across the wood.
" SLOWPOKE!" the sailor shouted, running to get the fast-rolling ball, " Hurry up and get out of the ball before you go overboard! Slowpoke!"
It was a strange sight, seeing a sailor sprinting madly to get his Slowpoke that was still in its Pokéball that was hurling towards the ocean blue. The ball amazingly dodged through all of the people that was in its way. The sailor crashed through the people frantically to get his Pokémon back. I would've helped him, but it would just make things worse.

Chapter 4:
" Oh! Superball acts as a Chansey, using Softboiled to help us in case one of us gets hurt! Of course, he's able to Recover outside of battle, making our team almost IMPOSSIBLE to beat!"
" NOTHING is impossible for TEAM ROCKET!"

Chapter 5:
" To extend our reach to the stars above!"
" Oh, no, not these nincompoops again!" Mewtwo roared.

"-Be promoted for bringing in these rare Pokémon, including Mewtwo, the tough one that my grandfather could never control. But what is this new one?"
" Well, it appears to be a combination of a Mew and a Mewtwo, boss!"
" Excellent. I like the word, ' excellent.' Have you noticed? It seems that many evil people say it for a complete sentence."
" Yes, we've noticed. What are you planning to do next?"

December 31, 2047
Good morning! It's finally New Year's eve! And to celebrate the upcoming event, we're going to have our OWN falling ball! YEAH, RIGHT!
The only ball that I could possibly have interest in is Superball! How many people have seen falling BALLS in their life already? And how wants to see another one fall for the hundredth time? You want to see a falling ball on New Year's? Buy a basketball.

Chapter 7:
" Yum! These sandwiches you made are great, James!"
" Thanks! It's made from wild Tauros flank!"
" Wild, eh? I wondered why it was so good!"
Now I was only a bush away from them. I took a peek inside and saw…
Team Rocket!
" You like it, too, Ekans?"
" Oh, thank you Ekans!"

Perhaps I'm already better than the Pewter City Gym Leader. Yeah I'll go beat up the bully, get his badge and head on to the next hotdog stand for the next taste of relish. And then after I've raided all the cash registers in Jynx City, I'll head up to Purple Mountain and- zzz…

" Yo, Mewthree, had enough sleep yet?"
Huh? I leaped up, not expecting to get my eyes poked by Charizard's snout. It hurt, and it was VERY embarrassing.
(the manga/doujinshi portion of this story is littered with Charizard/Mewthree hints. I never noticed until like... a year ago when I first put the drawings into the time-capsule space...)

" Quiet, James, we're gonna ourselves a MEW-MEWTWO THING!" the large snouted Vaporeon Jessie roared.


Ya... I should get some sleep. XD I told NightmareJuri on IRC that I'd re-scan my old Pokemon doujinshi/manga, all 100+ pages. I think my scanner still shows the stupid green line, though. !#@@#@
Epson Perfection 1640SU. ._.;

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