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Uh... whoever's trying to call my cell-phone should know that I won't answer anonymous calls... well... I won't answer them properly, at least. XD; Only the people I specifically gave my number to should know my number. Today, I received three different calls from people I don't know (2 with area code 269 and the other with 616.. kind of the same place), so I'm getting suspicious...

I randomly decided to pick up the last one and not say anything just to see what the people on the other side would do... I heard female:"did they pick up?" male:"Who?", then the call ended. wtf? I do enjoy screwing with people's minds in subtle ways. Hung up on a telemarketer earlier today, it was pretty apparent he was just reading off a paper. I have yet to try Helen's "Do you sell chicken eggs? Do you sell the colored kind with spots? I only want the colored kind with spots..."

But um... thanks for letting me listen to the Super Mario theme 3 times today, phone-stalkers?

Hopefully youmaotakus will get more releases going XD; We're all having struggles lately... even me with my failing computers. Even my backup computer fails. This is what happens every time I leave it off for a long time... it just dies. When I came back from Otakon, I had to reinstall Windows and all of my programs were wiped out. It's not as bad as my D drive getting wiped, but it's still very troublesome. This computer's been done-for for a long time and my dad doesn't seem to recognize that, so I have to live with it for a while... at least until I get my laptop... which will help me out greatly. ^-^ I'm going to give it a name and take great care of it, like Lina since she won't be with me at college. Q.Q;

Anyway, my main computer crash whenever it hits some part of the D drive. I'll try to watch an episode or play an mp3, death. I try to run IRC, death. I try to unzip or zip something, death. I try to view PICTURES, death. Its stability is completely random as far as I know. When it's been off power for a long time, it crashes MUCH more often than it usually does. Before I left for California, I could run the computer for a good 15 hours before crashing, but now I'm rebooting the computer 25+ times a day when I'm trying to use it. It's very sad. I have to slowly ease it into functioning better again. But then... I have a three-day trip to Canada next weekend... and the computer may die all over again while we're there. -.-; It can take one day without losing much stability, but after that, it exponentially increases death. =O

I re-read Bounty last night in consideration for a possible re-write. While I can definitely see what I should do with the re-write (It'd be much darker and angstier...), I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it or if people will read it. xD I still have to finish Where Fate Turns, and many people don't seem to catch-up with THAT fic, either (there are some who do... ^_^; *huggleglomplove*). Everyone's so busy! Gyargh! FFX-2 almost made me cry because of my overreacting glands sometimes... especially when people listened to music and stopped the battle... If people wouldn't WASTE TIME FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER and actually go enjoy something or work towards something to enjoy, we'd all be better off.... *COUGH*IRAQWARWEHAVEASMAAAAAAAAAAAARTPRESIDENTNOT*COUGH*

Parents put in a huge 45" x 90" threatre screen downstairs, and they're waiting on a new lounging set. Grace's parents are here right now, watching Amadeus or something. XD I'm... going to play FFX-2 since I'm a little too depressed about my dying comp and don't really feel motivated to work on things.. >_>;

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