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Some leftover stuff we did at Otakon:
-Watched FMA 1 dub while people were sitting for the Laruku concert. Wasn't that bad. Of course, it doesn't match up to the original, but at least it wasn't butchered. I did enjoy smirking at all of the people who kept wondering what the hell was playing. Closeted mainstream folk. =D
-Watched 3-5 or something of Gundam Seed sub. Made me realize that it's a REALLY good series, and perhaps I should rewatch it someday at a slower pace. I kind of speed-watched it so I didn't get the "immersed in eternal Anime goodness" feeling. But uh... the 2nd series is coming up after FMA so that might not happen for a very long time. XD
-Watched various parts of Kyou Kara Maou (we had to go out every so often to check our place at Karaoke). KKM is SOOOO much funnier when you watch it with a big group of Anime freaks. Everybody laughed and squealed at the most subtle of things. Whenever Gunter oggled Yuuri or Yuuri made some kind of contact with Wolfram, the whole crowd went happily ballistic. The best thing was that under the actual plot, you could tell what everyone was thinking about. We were all shameless perverts. It ruled. Paul and I sang to the opening/ending songs whenever they came up. FUN.
-Illegally snuck into the dealer's room once because I forgot my 3-day pass at the hotel. Er... difficult to explain the story behind that. XD;
-Watched some fan parodies. Nescaflowne was awesome and well-done.
-Watched some of the latest Naruto eps around the time. YEAH NARUTO.
-Not an event, but I still love it how people actually spend time loitering around the yaoi doujinshi section in the dealer's room offering their id for people who need one (have to be 18+-years old to purchase). They shout at the top of their lungs "WHO NEEDS AN ID?!?!?!?!?" right in front of the clerks, and the clerks don't care less. The clerk themselves were hilarious... one of them kept going "COME GET YOUR YAOI! HOT MEN ON MEN ACTION! MEN DOING THE DIRTY WITH EACH OTHER! COME AND GET IT WHILE IT'S FRESH!! *waves slapping paddle with big bold "YAOI" printed on it*" mind you, all of the clerks are male...

Neal came over yesterday. We talked, caught up with stuff, I showed him the Otakon pics, then we played Super Smash Brothers.

By the way... I see people are downloading the doujinshi without commenting. >O If I notice it again, it's going down and I won't scan any more... because... what's the point...? XD
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