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How well do you think you know yourself? ^^; Just an open-ended thought.

*EDIT* Otakon Gallery is up! Time to reward self with some nice spicy ramen now ^^;; Tell me if something doesn't work. =O

Fooled around with Photoshop/PSP a bit tonight. Otakon gallery is on the way once I finish HTMLing descriptions.~

Makes me wanna cry. ^^;

The endless night ensues...


You're a LiveJournal Junkie!

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Are *You* Addicted To LiveJournal?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

*edit* Taito doujinshi RealPlayer scanned and uploaded! 14mb is a little tough on my 5 gig/month host, so please be gentle. ^^ Tell me what you think =33 Comment if you download.~ If I find that people aren't commenting (I can check the bandwidth used...), then I'll take it off and you'll have to stalk me on IRC. XD;
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