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MoonChild screenies

New icon comes from a little Kouji oekaki... Katminamoto convinced me to do an oekaki ^^: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/9013956/

Off to Cali for my cousin's wedding. Hope to have fun? Kind of hard to say that when Otakon is going to be right after it.. XD; Maybe I'm looking forward to it TOO much?

Not too many screens in the cut, but I just wanted to show a couple of my favorite scenes in the MoonChild movie. ^^;

Hyde |3~

I won't say what's going on in these... watch it and find out. x3! Torrent: http://bunko.theppn.org/details.php?id=566&searched=moonchild

Subtitle file (make sure both files have the same name, put them in the same directory and run the avi): http://gottaito.fateback.com/gackt_&_hyde_-_moonchild.sub

Soooo... do my real-life friends ever bother to read my lj-cuts? >>;;; I doubt... *weep* It's okay... I feel happy enough seeding MoonChild and letting people enjoy the stuff I send them... ^-^;

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