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Otakon Preparation 101!

I watched MoonChild today.... and went on a huge Gackt/Hyde spree for a few hours. Um.... 4 gigs or something like that to be exact. XD; Saving money to get many products at Otakon. Online shopping is a pain. weee! Definitely need Hyde's autograph when I go to Otakon... ._.; Gift... "Orenji no Taiyou," a 9-minute duet sung by Gackt and Hyde for MoonChild. It's very pretty.. ^^; You can also get the song (as well as lots of other info) at Project Eclipse.

The movie itself was nice. Some neat visuals and effects... Most of it was in Mandarin, actually, which was really neat. Also Cantonese and English to amuse us all~ Gackt and Hyde switching from Mandarin to Japanese was a good language exercise for my brain. Sometimes I couldn't tell if they were speaking one or the other because I understood what they said either way... but then I could look at the subtitles and see if there were Japanese subtitles under the English ones, indicating a non-Japanese language being spoken. Gackt even spoke a little English, but I didn't really understand it. ._.; Ahh I wanna watch it again! Just like watching Gackt getting touchy feely with his fellow band members in the Vanilla live video with extremely incredulous lyrics... haha |3~

2nd Gift for you... PV rip of Asian Kung-Fu Generation's Rewrite, which will be FMA's 4th Opening song. ^^

The icon... the clip it's from cracks me up. Just one of many from the spree. XD

Also... just noting a pet peeve... people who aren't aware of their idiocy no matter how often you give them hints... Then they blow up in your face if you try a more direct approach.... OR they say they ARE aware of their idiocy, then don't even CONSIDER doing something about it or realizing the consequences... and THEN they get mad once the consequences occur. Makes me want to use ¬¬ more often~

But ah... Roan grew up! x3

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