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Worship Koroth! Getting FLOW's Splash!!! from him. An album named after me!! wahahahaha! *shot* not really, but the title is still amusing. ^_^

Mm, a Kouji penart. There's also another penning at Got Taito? but it's not really worth lavishing. ^-^; Don't forget to vote! Be sure you're logged in to your DeviantArt account beforehand. ^^;

Orientation? Less stressful than I expected. I always get nervous that I'll become some humongous loner and people would notice and think negatively of it. The people were nicer than that (the ones I met), at least. I was somewhat surprised... in the end, I related the most to any of the non-Caucasians, particularly the African American, Hindu and middle East folks. And a couple Asians... doi *eats herself*. I'm sure it'll be tons more enjoyable with Leanne around. Dunno about Chris, Colin and the others.

Got about 10 hours of sleep over the three nights I spent at East Quad dormitory. Joy.

Placed into 3rd term French, but I'm not continuing French. Took the chem placement test for the heck of it, got the usual results. And I suck at math. I blame Fuller for killing my motivation. XD;

w00t for mostly-liberal college! >3 On the first official night of the orientation (I was dropped off for early arrival the previous night), the performing arts department did a nice hour-and-a-half mass of skits to present all sorts of systems within the campus (SAPAC, etc). Good laughing exercise... they were hilarious. My parents would have laughed a lot, too, if they had seen it... some of the scriptwork reminded me of Friends and there were a few direct references to it.


W . T . F .

Didn't think it was THAT popular...

Lina gets weirder and weirder every day. She.... just does.

Checklist to catch-up (* for done):
-Naruto manga 224*
-HxH manga 218*
-Samurai Champloo 7*
-HxH GI Final 9-10
-Ragnarok the Animation 15
-Sakigake!! Cromartie High 17-18
-Buncha Gackt videos
-Naruto 91

<3 new things. Mm.... should go to sleep now. ^^

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