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YoumaOtakus released L'Arc~en~Ciel's Jiyu e no Shotai, which has a really nice video in my insignificant opinion ^^ Also re-added the other bt links to the main bt links site, so those are fresh on the re-seed. Ayumi Hamasaki's "No Way to Say" and the Hikaru no Go 2004 Special of which I did a large portion of translating. All subtitled, of course. Gogogo! XD http://spike-domain.net/koro/bt/

Dates I'll be gone:
July 14-16: University of Michigan Orientation
July 22-26: Cousin's wedding in California
July 28-Aug 3: New Jersey/Maryland for OTAKON *_*;

There will also be a couple days in mid-August for a different cousin's wedding, but I don't remember the exact dates. Whichever~ I'll probably get a little more time to draw and write since I won't have my computer to distract me.
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