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I did these a couple days ago when MY MIC FINALLY WORKED >>; Prepare to be scar your ears for life! Somehow managed to do these while my parents were around the house... usually I'd be too self-conscious since EVERY LITTLE SOUND carries around the whole house.

Digimon - Fire! Mic faded in and out during this for some reason...
Naruto - GO!!! XD
Digimon - Guilmon March Katsumi requested this... this is just scary. XD;;;;;
FMA - Kesenai Tsumi
FMA - Melissa
FMA - Motherland Another request... even though I insisted that I didn't like Crystal Kay all that much, I did it anyway... I don't know the lyrics very well. ^^;
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Rashinban (Compass) J requested an AK-FG song, but this one was the only one I could do without embarrassing myself with my parents around. ^^;
FLOW - Without You Mm Flow~ *_* First one I did in the series, so my voice isn't warmed up and... I don't like it that much, but I like the song itself.. >>; gwah. Whichever!! Laugh!!

Links will be taken down sometime... later.

Anyway... I can't wait for Otakon. I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait. ANGELA, LARUKU! DOUJINSHI (At least I hope... darn 18+ only rule and people raiding the good ones first.. >>), KARAOKE, COSPLAY, AND WEIRD PEOPLE THAT I LOVE EVERYWHERE. TAKE ME AWAY FROM HERE PPPPUUUULLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEZZZZEEEEEEE.
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