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We talked about cabbits for a few minutes in IB biology today, went over a multiple-choice question packet that had multiple errors(OMGGGG... Questions referred to other questions that didn't coincide with the answers at all, there were REPEATED questions, one of the gene questions referred to W and R alleles and then put T and R alleles in the answers... gah!), then did nothing. XD

Presenting.... IB Biology II quotes of the year! What makes them interesting is that we're such a loud class, we announce these to everyone in the room... and hallway outside.. XD~ I put strange things in my Bio notebook...

~Cellular Respiration~
Laura: I'm more energy efficient than a Ferrari!

Mrs. Taylor: -eating too much during pregnancy and then you can't lose that extra weight...
Dustin (a guy): Oh, I hate it when that happens!

Kelly: I diffuse at life!

Grace: Is that why males have nipples?

~Genetic Engineering~
Mary S: Did you say that 100 butterfly SPECIES died or 100 BUTTERFLIES died? Cuz 100 butterflies... WHOA, that's tragic.

Mrs. Taylor told us that our class has the least amount of people (she also teaches Chemistry this year), but we're far louder than any other of her other classes. Plus, there's a few people in the class who don't talk much in the first place, including me. Heck, before we started our genetic engineering debate, several of the students were already in a heated debate about the borderline between best friend and lover. Very heated. It ruled listening to them, especially since Mrs. Taylor usually just listens to us awestruck. XD. Anyway... time to sleep. ^^; 2 hour rehearsal... too much rag dancin'~
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