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  • Thu, 14:41: Ah yes, did AoT yesterday... Much more fun than the suffering of floor 61+, but tbf it's the first beta iteration for that and they better hella improve it https://t.co/xF6IeFxtUj
  • Thu, 15:49: RT @TAHK0: you ever just remember the GOTCHA pokemon music video and cry https://t.co/5Wh3rJ6AoC
  • Thu, 18:46: Masters mix is easily my fav among it, beta and anime versions... and all 3 are easily better than what was released in Sword/Shield game imo. Cheers in the game version being off-key is the worst offender tbh https://t.co/sURKKqslzr
  • Fri, 11:39: RT @gmhuntr7: More toys https://t.co/16dEh49hVO
  • Fri, 11:46: I'd be perfectly fine if Digimon Savers doesn't get the nice merchandise treatment Tamers has gotten for its 20th but please, just the blu-rays asdfhkjahdkjfhsdkjfhh
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