Splash (splash) wrote,

iPad Pro 2021

Well, I've finally gone and purchased an iPad Pro (2021) (M1 chip), 11" 256gb
and an Apple Pencil (2nd gen) direct from Apple store.
Order total was a bit above $1,130, but with various trade-ins + discounted gift cards + cash back, I've effectively paid $830 for it, for a complete savings of $300 :3

Since the iPad isn't in stock at the physical stores, I'll have to wait another week or two for them, but they should still arrive before a certain event I have to go to at the end of the month. Yay-not-yay for being vaccinated and having to oblige to going to these now, and having to deal with getting tested and such beforehand >_>

Already have a small collection of accessories (iPad case, pencil grips, paper-like screen protector), but I'm still open to others (for ex: Procreate keyboard... but $40 for it is a tad bit expensive lol. Also might need to see if I'd prefer a matte screen protector over this knockoff Paperlike) depending if I feel the need for them down the road. But for starters, I'm focusing on transitioning my sketch process to full digital instead of pencil and paper as I've been doing all my life thus far. And then from there, it's whatever else the learning curve takes me...

Uhh I'm still full Android, but having a powerful iOS device that can do the art things will have benefits +_+

Times like this I wish Tales of the Rays had proper cloud saving so I could switch around playing it on multiple devices without having to re-dl everything and a bunch of other junk. At least I could play FEH on it freely omegalul (even then, gotta watch out to not get orbs on iOS since orb currencies are separate on the OSes)
Tags: art

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