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  • Sun, 01:05: RT @ClimateBen: Remember: 1. Global crop failures by 2°C. 2. Most humans dead by 4°C. 3. Earth uninhabitable by 6°C. 4. We risk 2°C by 203…
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    Tue, 12:25: Oh.. monhun doggo is much larger than vespy doggo https://t.co/kwUltCV0XZ Tue, 13:11: The grand couch takeover…

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    Mon, 17:45: Up through pg 107 outlined........ haven't even hit THAT section yet which might blow up the pg number hrrrrmmm Tue, 11:52:…

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    Sun, 14:39: RT @ gay_fire_emblem: FE: Sacred Stones, Eirika & Tana, A support https://t.co/IU8z0Bt3Kd Mon, 00:05: RT @ Seiken_PR:…

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