Splash (splash) wrote,

[anime] DARLING in the FRANXX

So 3 years later, after the 2018 airing, I finally watched the 24 episodes of DARLING in the FRANXX. I guess back then I wasn't too interested in what people had to say about it, so I sort of let any talk about it go over my head. I caught wind of "oh yes, please let the main CP have a happy ending...!" and I guess that was about all I had in terms of expectations going in.

It has flaws, like any other anime? But I REALLY ENJOYED IT??? Enjoyed it enough that it might be one of my most favorite anime in the past 3 ish years even??? Enough that I'm writing about it here???

Maybe I'll go more into detail about it when I get the time for it.
In the meanwhile, just a few jottings (SPOILERS but I'll try to keep it vague as usual):
-The fact that the main crew is 14yo gives me all the Savers vibes, but they really get down into the nitty gritty... it's not a show targeted for the kids by any means rofl. But yeah, that was the awesome part about it.
-The whole stamen/pistil thing was obviously a big unnecessary sexualization of sorts... but in the end was it REALLY. The whole thing about humanity is that HUMANS HAVE SEX to progress the generations, and that's a big theme in the end. Even someone like me who will be 2000% child-free at my death bed appreciated the way they portrayed this.
-Animation quality was noiiiice. Also Toradora anime character designs gave me the nostalgia for Toradora.
-I actually don't seem to like any of the other works that the producers have done when I looked into their portfolios, but this is the one I'll like and keep with me.
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