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  • Sat, 20:29: day 3 | I picked Guy in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event! The top four Heroes will receive special versions, so vote for your favorite on the website now! #FEChoose https://t.co/LzBBNrDXW2
  • Sat, 20:29: RT @videogamedeals: Pre-order Bravely Default II at Best Buy to receive a bonus place mat and coaster set. All-new Heroes of Light are rea…
  • Sun, 11:41: Tier 38 secured, thank goodness because I lost all my ladders on Saturday rofl. No more clowning around, reblessed BHector to bring in the big guns https://t.co/T00PaKECyN
Tags: #fechoose, twitter

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