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  • Thu, 23:01: RT @Ad_Inifinitum: no, you can't eat a whole ass capybara https://t.co/Ca2v76aMUx
  • Fri, 00:15: RT @kymg: ファイアーエムブレムヒーローズ【第5部】曠野の王 ファフニール デザイン&実装イラスト描かせていただいております https://t.co/GI5I6s7pdb
  • Fri, 00:19: RT @SUPER_32X: https://t.co/QuMHCRa8Nn
  • Fri, 00:22: RT @kymg: FEHの今回のメインビジュアル、気づいた人おるかな 人知れず第5部だけに導線は5とローマ数字のVを意識してたの 大した隠しお遊び構成じゃないけど https://t.co/WO1jSZWz33
  • Fri, 10:54: RT @BarackObama: For those who are wondering why so much attention has been focused on the response of the Capitol Police to the Trump-insp…
  • Fri, 11:15: Honestly might just be good enough with the demo for MHR. It lets me ride the doggo & maybe that was the only thing I wanted to do in the end. :V Lack of target locking is a big accessibility no-no for me. I'd rather be focusing on other games with how things currently stand
  • Fri, 11:39: RT @ceallachs_: One of the main reasons why Japanese artists hate reposts is because of their copyright laws. Fanarts and doujin events are…
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    Fri, 15:34: RT @ lynchasanu: https://t.co/uu7sqwiKWy Fri, 17:25: Uhhhh this was more than 15 years ago?? I really need to draw more Fire…

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    Thu, 15:38: RT @ NairoMK: I'm live at https://t.co/Z940tm7030

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    Wed, 23:51: Please send me ToMaTo fics Thu, 09:25: RT @ feh_ha_ku_to: エクラはなぜマルテに魅了されるのか。 Why are FEH users attracted to Maltet?…

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