Splash (splash) wrote,

[dream] Pet store weirdness

Hubby and I were in a pet store (don't know why). Two birds from the outside were in the store by accident (as birds do end up inside stores sometimes). One was an owl. I don't remember the exact events that transpired, but the owl flew into my mouth suddenly o_o;;; I bit down on instinct and spit it back out in a whirl, then headed straight for a sink that happened to be like on the other side of the shelves and started cleaning my mouth out. There was... pretty disgusting gore stuff, and I found myself thinking "is this its eyeballs??? Is the owl okay???"

One of the pet store employees came by and I asked about the owl. He said "Oh, it's dead. It happens." shrugging it off like it was not the first or second time it happened. o_o
Tags: dreams
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