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ToMaTo and Yuri/Flynn thoughts

Looks like back in May 2010, I was talking about Vesperia and that I shipped Yuri/Flynn solely for the seiyuu... and yeah I imagine back then that was all I was capable of understanding. XD; I may have been over 20 years old at the time, but a lot of things can still change after another 10 years.

Fast forward... 2015 maybe? Maybe 2016? Hubby got a modded PS3 almost solely to play the fan patch translation for Vesperia (there were other games too, but did any of them matter compared to this? I'd say not). We played it then, but we used a New Game+ save file with all the Grade needed to make everything a really fast/smooth run with no grind necessary. It shouldn't have interfered with the overall story and other experience of the game though, but maybe it did... because fast forward again to 2020 when I took the dive to start from scratch with my Definitive Edition for Switch... and I've come to appreciate everything about the game way more.

...And also really appreciate Yuri/Flynn things *runs*

I find this out during the time I'm pining for ToMaTo motivation to complete my Cycle sequel at long last, but there are an awful lot of similarities between the two ships... Way beyond the physical blond shorthair + dark longhair appearances. I want to talk more about it, but it would then go into Yuri doing *SPOILERS*... Please play Vesperia

So I find myself pining for Yuri/Flynn too now. Fortunately, there's a huge pile of fics on Pixiv I can dive through, although filtering out all the alternate AUs and Omegaverse things I don't really have much interest in has really whittled down what is actually readable for me.

I'm not sure why I'm blossoming into it 10 years after originally playing Vespy, but I'm fine with this. Maybe it's because it took this many years and playthroughs to finally appreciate everything that is Vesperia, including the story that gets convoluted with too many involved parties at times (so many different Guilds, meshing in with the Knights/Empire, and different tribes like Kritya, and other terms to keep track of like Aer Cranes and Entelexeia getting thrown into the mix). But it all makes it all worth it if you can keep your head in it, and holy shit makes the fics that use the lore properly so good.

Hubby and I have been gradually rewatching Digimon since the Pandemic start around March (well, rewatch for me, actual first time for him) from the top, Adventure -> Adventure 02 -> Tamers -> Frontier currently. We're soon reaching Savers... my baby, as I've told him. So that too I hope will motivate me.
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