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  • Thu, 20:30: https://t.co/LYi2e8KMdX
  • Thu, 20:38: Intended to dive into fics for a few hours but ended up spending a few more hours doing last chapter of Golden Deer Maddening than I wanted to. LOL freaking tanky units everywhere. At least Cyril was MVP, please appreciate Cyril
  • Fri, 09:56: RT @toraushi_696: https://t.co/ZTYSDjWy6N
  • Fri, 11:16: Wada Sachiko's Brave Claude art makes me so happy and makes me think of how full circle Fire Emblem has come since I played FE7 back in 2004 😭🥲😭🥲😭🥲😭🥲 Makes me so happy seeing the artist from way back then still fully active and drawing FE stuff even better than ever now https://t.co/KI0LP73TXx
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