Splash (splash) wrote,

[dream] like an anime season

Just woke up from a dream that felt pretty anime-like. I was with a group of nakama, amongst them a guy who used to be an enemy. We were all staying at this large estate for some reason where an enemy group was also staying, and this ex-enemy was also from that group (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou). The enemy group was falling apart, don't clearly remember why but I have a trickling feeling it was because the father of the group sucked hard.

Anyway, it came to the point where we heard news that one of the guys (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) in the enemy group lost his mind and we had to bolt out of the estate and get far away, since the entire estate was about to blow up. Tsuda was slow on the take and kind of in denial that Sakurai had lost his mind, so we dragged him with us.

We passed Sakurai on the way, long silver hair and all (pretty much his Fruits Basket role). He was holding his head in agony and ignored our presence thankfully, as he definitely would've been set on murdering us if he cared. We rushed past and kept going out of the house... out... until we reached a gate far away from the estate. We leaped over the gate, and on the other side was a beach and lake. Tsuda was in awe of the sight of the lake while we all caught our breath. He never knew such a place existed on the other side of the gate. And I said "It's just sandy rock beach. We used to go here all the time to play around. Maybe when things calm down, we'll be able to go here again, and you can come with us."

That was pretty much when my alarm woke me up for work, buuuuu. Give me back my anime season

Other parts of the dream, I remember digging through a pile of neck tags?? that were lying around for free taking. The type that have only one letter on them, so I was trying to get I, V, Y... and for some reason, the V and Y disappeared from my hands before I could make off with them. Of course, they were the only ones for V and Y while many other letters had duplicates available.
Tags: dreams
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