Splash (splash) wrote,

Fire Emblem blab

Top 10 characters??

10. I'mma just use this spot as a silly honorable mention to a bunch because I would protecc them hard but I don't particularly consider them serious favs: Marth, Lysithea, Ike, Chrom, Lilith
9. Alfonse
8. Robin (male)
7. Corrin (male)
6. Matthew
5. Guy
4. Shigure
3. Yuri
2. Claude
1. Byleth (either but mostly male)

Do TMS characters count?? Because Itsuki and Tsurugi go in the same place as Shigure for me then.

MUST BE NICE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALL THEIR FAVS IN FIRE EMBLEM HEROES ALREADY TwT;;;; Meanwhile here's me waiting on 2 (Yuri, Guy) (and 3 to include Tsurugi)
Tags: series - fire emblem
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