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Sheltering good times


Just for the record, Squishy the son (Almost 3 now? Birthday around June/July) on the left, Peaches the mother (4 years old since around Dec/Jan) on the right.

Sheltering in place has been great tbh, given I have the privilege of WFH. Really unfortunate for those who can't, and certainly feeling for many that I would normally be facing daily like my shuttle drivers and the people who work in the work cafes. (not so much in my newer office area though, where they wouldn't put the to-go boxes out for silent taking, and made people ask for them behind the counter because "WE ENCOURAGE INTERACTION" so they say... ugh just wasting my time and yours tbh. Makes me wonder if they'll finally start putting them out when they finally have us go back).

But yeah. Waking up at 8:25 instead of at 6 am, aka earning me a full night's rest is so effing amazing. Not having to spend 5 hours a day in commute limbo is so effing amazing. Eating in the comfort of home is so effing amazing. Not having to interact with most others in person (for the most part) or feeling the pressure to do so is so effing amazing. I can spend weeks without talking to anyone as long I have the internet. And even if I have long spots without the internet, such as the times when I was in Taiwan for a volunteer teaching gig for a couple weeks, or my "internship" in China where I would sometimes spend the whole day out in some remote area for some Buddhist gathering (not my choice)... I'm fine as long as I have my paper and something to write with at the very least. Nowadays it'd more likely be my smartphones though heh. My imagination can keep me occupied nonstop for years to come... and honestly would be neat to have that kind of opportunity sometime, as I have a LOT OF FIC AND DOUJINSHI IDEAS still in my head waiting to get fleshed out as something presentable to ya'll. But alas, adult and married life, I feel like I have my obligations to take care of the house and hubby and such. xD;;; And yeah, still working. Work is a thing.

Well, aye. THE LONGER PEOPLE FAIL AT SHELTERING IN PLACE, THE LONGER WE GET TO DO IT. So do your part... or not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Instant ramen (with veggies/eggs) was one of my main dieting foods when I was losing 30 pounds so I can keep doing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Groceries haven't been supplying pasta very well either (avoiding B@riII@ for basic human rights reasons, I do find it interesting they still have stock when I go though), so it kind of sucks not really having my spaghetti option really available for a while yet, but I can still hold off for months if I need to. Plenty of other great home cooking experiments I've been doing instead. Note to self, never again with lemon chicken though, that was a BAD recommendation. Lemon does NOT go well with my chicken cooking >>;;;;; If not for that, it would've been a kickass soup, I'm sure...

I just really wanted to use the lemons I had sitting in my fridge for 2 months though rip. And yes they were still good standalone. Just not in the soup >>

Time for some instant pot dim sum tho ^w^ Very nice place to have in the area, not sure if they're still open during these times since it was about 3 months ago when we tried them out for the first time... and hubby likely got food poisoning from their fried shrimp balls or something >_>;; (I ate them too and was fine tho)

I love WFH so much that I wish this sheltering process could just be mandate for at least a week or two or three or four (or more whateverrrrrr MORE MORE) annually worldwide, backed by our tax dollars (instead of spending it on trash war stuff) so that people most affected by sheltering mandates would still have means to keep their standard of living... cuz these virus outbreaks are just gonna happen again in the future tbh.

Just for the record, sheltering + WFH since March 12th? and was originally planned through April 10, and literally today on the 10th we got the corp email to say to keep sheltering "until further notice". Gradually catching up on years upon years of lost sleep and it's nowhere near enough. :V
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