Splash (splash) wrote,

Dream - Level-5 Camp???

So... I dreamt that hubby and I went to a Level-5 Camp... we spent most of the time having trouble sleeping on giant shared beds with like 2 other level-5 fangirls lolll.

I have no idea how this camp came about, but there were shuttles to help us get around and tour the level-5 campus, so we spent a day on that. And then proceeded to have trouble sleeping again.

Apparently I was about to meet Pres Hino, so I started scrambling around looking for something to get his autograph on. Thought about music CDs or some such, but probably settled on TV Animation Inazuma Eleven Memories. Not that it mattered since I never got the autograph :)

But I did get to see him!! He came into the room with a bunch of us there excited to see him, and as a joke?? of some sorts, presented us with a sheet of paper with Fudou Akio's "final form" and it was just him with a giant anime mohawk or something wwwww My picture doesn't do it justice, I'm out of practice. https://twitter.com/SplashTOMATO/status/1238518477817708545

BUT AYE maybe if this work from home lasts long enough I can ahem... get some time to draw instead of being in commute limbo 5 hours a day. I just don't understand how some people in the bay area actually prefer going to the office (aside from getting free food in my situation). We started on 3/11 and unless something changes, it's planned to last through april 10? So many unknowns though... Please stay clean, everyone~
Tags: dreams, series - inazuma eleven
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