Splash (splash) wrote,

Fire Emblem Expo 2 goods pickups

FE Expo 2 goods pickups!
I will be going to Fire Emblem Expo 2 in Japan on May 5/6 and can do some merch pickups for fellow FE fans!

♥Prices are before shipping/PayPal fees.
♥You're free to comment here or reach out to me through Discord SplashTOMATO#8637 or email splash @ pmsinfirm.org
♥I will also apply the labor/suitcase space fee of $2 per item type requested. Ex: Requesting a coat + scarf will be $4 labor fee. Requesting 5 scarves will only be $2 labor fee.
♥I have rights to refuse requests for any reason (let's all be reasonable, kthx)
♥Items are subject to be out of stock when I arrive on site. I will refund (minus applicable PayPal fees) if this occurs.
♥You can check for more item details on the official site such as sizes and materials.
♥Deadline for initial payment (cost of items) is April 19 (Sunday). Shipping will be determined once I return from Japan (~May 8) and I will reach out to you regarding shipping once ready!
♥Claims will be maintained on this spreadsheet (also has my Pokemon claims)

Plate Pen Light $35
Sun Guard Coat $80
Professor's Note Pouch $45

Elwind Pouch $45
Lucina Glasses + Mask Case $75
Blazing Blade Fan $30

Radiant Dawn Fan $30
Genealogy of the Holy War Metal Charm Sigurd $10 each (blind box)
Genealogy of the Holy War Metal Charm Seliph $10 each (blind box)

Three Houses Lunch Stand + Can Badge $10 each (blind box)
Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light scarf $15
Genealogy of the Holy War scarf $15

Thracia 776 scarf $15
Binding Blade scarf $15
Blazing Blade scarf $15

Sacred Stones scarf $15
Path of Radiance scarf $15
Radiant Dawn scarf $15

Awakening scarf $15
Fates scarf $15
Echoes scarf $15

Three Houses scarf $15
FE Expo 2 Tumbler $35
FE Expo 2 Candy $10

I won't list up the ring (reach out to me if you're actually interested...) or the CDs because the CDs are available on CDJapan!
Tags: selling, series - fire emblem

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