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Kondoh Rei 3H tracks prediction

Mmm I need me some 3H icons

As the Three Houses OST probably won't be released officially for at least like another year or so, given the pattern of past FE releases...


30 tracks, but honestly I can only be fully confident in just a few LOL

100% confident
Funeral of Flowers (Rain)
Funeral of Flowers (Thunder)

Tempest of Seasons (Rain)
Tempest of Seasons (Thunder)

Somewhere to Belong

At What Cost? (Rain) (DLC)
At What Cost? (Thunder) (DLC)

80%? confident
The Shackled Wolves (Rain) (DLC)
The Shackled Wolves (Thunder) (DLC)

Chasing Daybreak (Rain)
Chasing Daybreak (Thunder)

Wrath Strike (Rain)
Wrath Strike (Thunder)

Roar of Dominion (Rain)
Roar of Dominion (Thunder)

Beneath the Banner + Variation
Seeking New Heights
A Vow Remembered


The Verge of Death (Rain)
The Verge of Death (Thunder)

Between Heaven and Earth (Rain) - arrangement work only?
Between Heaven and Earth (Thunder)

Dwellings of the Ancient Gods (Rain)
Dwellings of the Ancient Gods (Thunder)

A Lonely Figure
Guardian of Starlight
Gazing at Sirius

The rest... Takeru Kanazaki or Hiroki Morishita, such as:
Paths That Will Never Cross (Rain)
Paths That Will Never Cross (Thunder)

Ack, even after pulling through all those 50/50's, even including Rain/Thunder versions, I'm only at 26 tracks. +4 from DLC does it?

Jules credited him for God Shattering Star which I had just assumed one of the other composers did instead, but I do get some Kondoh Rei vibes from this too...
Left a comment for him, hope he can answer :3
"I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, thank you for all your beautiful Fire Emblem remixes!!! Hoping to hear more!!

I have a question, I notice you've credited Rei Kondoh for some pieces and Takeru Kanazaki for others. Is there a source for which pieces in the OST were composed by which specifically? Normally, I can't find this information until the official OST is released and the information is listed in the booklet. The only official OST release we have for Three Houses currently is the Sound Selection and those don't list the composers individually per piece. Waiting room for the full OST here!
I've been trying to figure out which composers did what just from my familiarity with their styles, but confirmation is always appreciated!"
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