Splash (splash) wrote,

???? Nasty work bathroom story ahead

So... in the bathroom, taking care of pre-menstrual number2 which can easily take me 15 minutes to restore normal comfort levels, and not long after I start, I hear some lady storm in, immediately cranking the water on and starts gagging LOUDLY, excessively. She's at it for like 10 minutes, during which time some other lady comes in, talks to her shortly?? (not in English or a language I even recognize... I don't want to make assumptions but possibly Indian??), then steps out. After the 10 minutes, also during which time I'm wondering if some kind of disorder is going on (these were very purposeful loud gags), if some vegan accidentally ate meat, or if there was legitimately some issue with the meal she ate, and trying not to let the sound effects affect my own stomach... She goes into the bathroom stall next to me and takes what sounds like a number1... I can see deep layers of her pedicure from the corner of my eye (...no socks in this cold weather, really????), and she's burping every other second. Couple more minutes later, she's out of the bathroom and she hasn't washed her hands to boot. There's a large pile of watery evidence in the FLOODED middle sink that I had to try really hard not to look at while I washed my hands. =w=; Um, yeah I'm glad that bathroom door has a foot pedal so I don't actually have to touch the door with my hands.

PEOPLE WHAT. Could you at least use the toilet???

What???? These are people who work at Google or their guests??? (Vendors should be abiding by dress codes of no open-toe shoes which aren't always followed of course, but typically way more often than the full-timers...)

Yeahhhh don't want to think about that too much =w=; I feel sorry for the janitor.
Tags: life failures
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