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03 January 2017 @ 12:08 pm
Sold Pokemon listings 3  
Sold/traded listings for my Permanent Pokemon Sales post: http://splash.livejournal.com/489252.html

New year, new post~

Candy Figures Sun & Moon
ETA Arrival Late February 2017 (arrived!)

Each comes with figure, pokeball container (randomized), piece of candy, cardboard insert tag
$8: Sogaleo (Vanessa E. - New Z - PAID), Lunala (Alyssa P. - Paying 3/3), Rowlet (Kelsi B. - PAID), Popplio (Kaycy L.- PAID), Litten (Brittany C. - PAID), Rotom zukan (Angel H. - PAID), Rockruff (Jenifer G. - PAID)
$5: Togedemaru, Komala (Jason R.), Pikachu (Angel H. - PAID)

Choco Egg figures Sun & Moon
ETA Arrival Early March 2017 (Arrived early!)

Note: These are BLIND packaged and not guaranteed to get all of them. I will be getting 80 and keeping a near full set for myself.
Each comes with capsule with figure inside + paper insert, foil wrapping, and flattened box.
1. Pikachu $3
2. Leafeon $7
3. Glaceon $7
4. Ditto $7
5. Lucario $5
6. Porygon 2 $5
7. Poliwag $5
8. Magikarp $5
9. Machamp $5
10. Lapras $6
11. Flygon $5
12. Charizard $7
13. Rowlet $5
14. Litten $5
15. Popplio $5
16. Secret (Female Pikachu) $12
Spreadsheet for claims

Re-Ment Useful Figures Assortment

fb details
Pikachu phone stand
Charmander clip case
Bulbasaur stamp stand
Gengar rubber band stand
Squirtle pen stand
Snorlax card stand
Pikachu pen stand
Mew cord reel

FULL SET claimed - Terrah V. ($50) - PAID, Jenifer G. ($50) - PAID, Kaycy L. ($50) - PAID

Bulbasaur Canvas PC MWT $18 (TTO available $15)

Action Pose Figure 3-Pack, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon $15

Lucario TOMY (newer ver), only selling one or the other:
Left one: minor damage on nose, more damage on backside/waist/feet vinyl, no $35
Right one: damage on nose and white hand tips, has tush tag $45
Pic 2, Pic 3

Pikachu Bottle Holder MWT $10
Pikachu Pecha Berry $26

Pikachu Ichiban Kuji Prize A Deka Kyun MWT $35

Giratina Altered PC Pokedoll JP 2008 $30

Coin banks $4 each
SOLD: Slowpoke, bottom right Clefairy+Pikachu with missing covers taken

Coin banks
Teddiursa $8, Wobbuffet $5

Poliwhirl, Psyduck, Clefairy LARGE grabby figures $3 each (lots of dirt on these, Clefairy not pictured but available)
Clefairy LARGE grabby figure MIP $5
All others $5 each

TOMY Soft Vinyl Sofubi:
Bulbasaur $20 (first image only) (w/ bent up tag $25)
Blastoise $30
Elekid $14
Oddish $20
Mew $15
Charizard $18
Pichu $10
Pichu (bottom image) $10
Squirtle $20 (MWT $25)
Bulbasaur (bottom image) $25
Marill $16
Houndoor $30
Heracross $30
Chikorita $20
Pikachu $10

Pokemon ANA plane inflatable (selling the unused flattened one) $10

Vaporeon Kuji mascot MIP $20

Purrloin Musical Pokemon Center w/ hangtag $15 TTO $12

Eevee/Sylveon Pokemon Center Mascot pair JP TTO (not splitting) $45 (Keychain metal has used wear. There's a light stain on Sylveon's white ribbon that could probably be cleaned off with a bleach marker)

Tepig Pokemon Center Ichiban Kuji $17

Pikachu ear pull $10
Buneary Christmas 2008 $39
Piplup Korotto Manmaru (hang tag has crease) $10

Sylveon TOMY JP $15
Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon TOMY JP $13 each

Manaphy Super DX Banpresto MWT $50

Victini TOMY Talking Together Plush $40
Minccino TOMY Talk Together Plush $45
Tepig TOMY Talk Together Plush $25 (box has damage on front)
(Can go w/out box to reduce shipping costs)

Pikachu 1998 Banpresto UFO 2 w/ hangtag $20
(no hangtag $18)

Piplup Regular Size TOMY MWT $14

Buneary Shiny Super DX Korotto Manmaru MWT $35
Darkrai Shiny Super DX (no or string but in great condition) $25

Mewtwo Banpresto Big Size 1998 MWT $29

Limited Edition Zygarde Core Blue version TOMY Moncolle from Pokemon Fan Magazine
$20 if you would like the magazine itself included (will have to be shipped with Priority rate in the US, or very expensive international because the magazine is HEAVY). The full magazine includes a Volcanion cleaner strap, sticker sheet, and some other small goodies.

Ichiban Kuji Twinkle Dream prize B & C
Eevee $40, Sylveon $65

Rayquaza Pokepark hat $30

Lucario Bobblehead $12

Pokemon Center Mega Pikachu Poncho Gacha figures $9 each
(Comes w/ insert, can include gacha capsule upon request)

Pikachu Talking TOMY 11" (talk pack still works)

Subarudo Bobbleheads
Pikachu (missing tail) $2 (1 stock), Buneary $8

Minun Ear Crunch 2004 MWT $15
Pichu Fuzzy TOMY MWT $22

Pichu Christmas TOMY $29