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31 December 2037 @ 01:05 pm
Feel free to combine with my Non-Pokemon sales and remember my Plush listings and Stickers listings are separate posts! TOMY and Kids are separate post now too @_@

Note: MIB (Mint In Box), MIP (Mint In Plastic/Package), MWT (Mint With Tag). ALL items are pre-owned (I'm not a retailer & most of these items come from auction lots)

Last updated Jan 29, 2014
NEWS: I still have lots of chocolate to add to flat-rate shipments XD~
Working on larger updates, mostly to sticker listings and figures. Feel free to ask if I have any specifics that I haven't listed!

I also have around 3000 pan stickers, still organizing. Feel free to ask if I have any specifics! Most will be $1-$2, certain ones at $3. (Temporary unorganized example listing for pan stickers! Under construction).

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Mailing List! (Get notified when big updates occur and see what the new items are right in your e-mail! Exclusive newsletter sales may also occur!)
Sold listings | Plush listing shortcut | Storenvy for your convenience! (prices are better here though)

( TOMY Moncolle, Bandai Kids [Separate Post] )

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( Plush Listings [Separate Post] )

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( Flats listings - Stickers, cards, pogs, more! [Separate Post] )

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31 December 2035 @ 02:45 pm
Please buy my stuff!
All merchandise from magazines (ex: Animedia, Animage, Newtype, PASH) are limited production. i.e. Once the issue's over, they don't print any more of these things, yaw.
The listing can be very cluttered, so you are encouraged to use ctrl + f search feature on your browser if you want a specific series (Yowamushi, Kuroshitsuji, etc).
: OPEN! Last updated Dec 8, 2014. October Animage items in! I'm a bit behind in listing up new stuff but will catch up soon hopefully :O

I have a Mailing List to notify you of new items in stock! I will also be running discount promotions through the mailing list!

Clearfiles/Pencil boards | Pokemon Sales
Sold listings | Page 2
My eBay feedback (only as a buyer)
Michigan stock (see notice on the post)

1. All prices are in US dollars, not including shipping. I ship to US and international.
2. Accepted Payment: Paypal (Paypal fees will be applied) or concealed US cash (at your own risk). At this time, I can't accept any other form of payment.
3. No exchange or refund
4. I update sold listings asap after I receive payment. Keep up w/ newest listings by signing up for the Mailing List!
5. I'm not responsible for lost/damaged items during shipment. I always add padding+cardboard reinforcement to flat-rate packages.
6. Shipping: Everything is shipped via USPS from California. Shipping starts at a minimum $5.75 for US ($20 internationally MINIMUM because of price hike). ONLY USPS flat-rate service with few exceptions (example: your item is small enough to be shipped in a business letter for 50 cents, or if you're willing to let me bend a single small poster to fit into the business letter, or you buy a LARGE bulk of heavy magazines and would like media mail shipping in the US). Most "pulls" and clearfiles should be able to fit into a flat-rate envelope. If you insist on another shipping method, you will need to pay additional on shipping materials and will generally end up being as expensive as flat-rate anyway.
7. Tracking+Insurance comes free w/ flat-rate for USA addresses. Tracking is not available with flat-rate to international addresses.
8. Contact me (splash@pmsinfirm.org) or post here for any questions or to make an order. Feel free to screen your posts. To get an order total with shipping cost, you need to tell me your shipping location (postal code within the US, or country if international).
9. Last but not least, serious buyers only!

Here is how this works:
1. Read the terms above, choose your items, then use the form below to make an order. Please copy/paste item listings with the prices, and don't include links which may trigger spam filters.
2. Payment must be complete before I ship out items.

Order Form:

Item/s (included price/s):
Payment Method (also your Paypal email if using Paypal):


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( Clearfiles/Pencil boards [Separate post] )

( Pokemon sales [Separate post] )

( Omake (freebies) section [Separate post] )
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Original sales post
Wow my sales post is getting so long I can't even fit all the magazine stuff into one post. So I'm moving just the clearfiles/pencil boards/shitajiki here because they're awesome. xD;

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